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7 Tips Before You Self-Tape | Stop Messing Up Your Child's Auditions

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Recent changes within the entertainment industry has encouraged actors to learn how to navigate the world of self-taped auditions.

If your child has had had several auditions over the past year, you might be a self-taping pro by now. But if you are new to this journey, this information is going to be game changing for your child's success rates.

My name is Diana Ivelis and I am the "momager" to three children in the industry I have been consulting parents of actors for years and worked previously as a youth talent agent in Los Angeles, California. My son Travis Wolfe Jr is currently a series regular on a hit network television show! Most of my content is geared towards helping parents of young actors successfully navigate their child's acting careers, but this information can be beneficial for any actor at any stage of their journey.

I have navigated all the trials and tribulations of creating an amazing self-tape and I share all that I learned and what you need to know in this YouTube Video!

If you find this information helpful and you want to continue learning, I highly recommend you check out my book Raising a Child Star that can be purchased online in paperback or e-book format. Stay tuned for the audiobook, coming soon!

If you are a parent learning how to help your child in the best way, I am also available for consultations. Together we can work on personalized strategy plans for you and your family.

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