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How To Get Started As An Actor Today - Parents of Child Actors

If you are a parent who recently decided to support your child's passion in acting, you are probably overwhelmed with how many questions you have about where to even get started.

Hi, my name is Diana Ivelis and I was exactly where you are now, just a little over eight years ago. But through years of trial and error I have become an expert in navigating the Entertainment Industry of child acting. I have made it my mission to help other Parents of Child Actors avoid scams and help their child reach their full potential in their acting career.

Many parents have little time to sit and spend hours researching all of the ins and outs of the industry especially when they are busy running a household on top of working full time jobs.

YouTube is a great way to teach yourself based off of other people's experience and it is something you can play in the background while you are working around the house!

I would recommend checking out my video How To Get Started As An Actor as an introduction to my tips and tricks! Make sure to subscribe so you can be notified when I release other videos like this one.

Or! Maybe you are like me and you are always on the go, driving your child to all the auditions you can find in between work and school. Something that might be easier to fit into your lifestyle is the audio book version of my book Raising A Child Star.

I am also always fully available to reach out to with questions, if you visit my site ,you can book a free consultation with me. I always reccommend checking out some of these free resources to start with so we can have a very productive call!

- Diana Ivelis

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