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Does Your Child Want To Be On Disney? Read This

Many parents, myself included, have been in this position! Our child finishes watching the new Disney Channel Original Movie, or their favorite Nickelodeon show and tells us they want to do that too....they want to be on T.V. Your first thought might be, "where do I even look to find acting auditions?, especially if your child doesn't have an agent. Time to RESEARCH!

My name is Diana Ivelis Cherubin-Wolfe, and I am a former youth talent agent and current "momager" to three children navigating the Entertainment Industry. My son Travis Wolfe Jr. is a series regular on the CBS television show Bob Hearts Abishola.

For some kids, wanting to be on television, is a temporary thought but for others they constantly remind us about their dream to become an actor. And because we love our children, we decide to give it a shot. S we begin looking into what would we have to do in order to help them start auditioning.

This can be a really daunting, especially if no one else in your family has decided to pursue a career in the arts. But don't worry!

If you are a parent looking to support your aspiring child actor, you would love my book Raising A Child Star, that will equip you with all of the information you need to avoid scams, find auditions for your child, and help them eventually secure representation!

For more free, engaging content, check out the Affirm Your Star YouTube Channel!

~Diana Ivelis Wolfe

Affirm Your Star

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