Registration Is Open
For The Junior Arts Scholarship

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. Only one scholarship will be granted for August 2022 but every registration will be considered for future months and bonus scholarships!

Submission Requirements ​​
- All submissions must be in by 11:59 PM pst on Thursday, July 28th. 
- Applicants must be located in the United States.
- Applicants must be ages 7-17.
- Parents must complete registration for their child.
- If chosen as a JAS Scholarship Winner, a parent will be required to sign a Talent Release Form to   allow photos/video content of their child's likeness to be used for the Junior Arts 
Scholarship and its sponsor's websites and all media related to The Junior Arts Scholarship. 


What Is Needed For Your Submission

Please complete the form below. BEFORE you complete the form, make sure you have a video of your child's talent that you can share with the judges. A link to their video will need to be added at the end of the registration form. 

Video Requirements For Your Child

- Remember to HAVE FUN! Show us what makes you YOU! 

- At the beginning of your video, please say your name, age, where you are located and what talent     you will be sharing with us. 

- Please do not make the video longer then 2-3 minutes long.

- Please shoot the video horizontally and do your best to have clear sound, good lighting, and no       background noise. 

- Make sure your video is set to public so we can view it. If it is a private link, please give editing     permission to juniorarts.scholarship@gmail.com.


*Must be Filled Out by a Parent*

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