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The perfect book
for Parents of 
Aspiring Child


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The S.P.C.A journal is the perfect pairing for the book RAISING A CHILD STAR! It’s loaded with customized logs that will help you keep track of your child’s entertainment career. This is no ordinary journal! Be organized, Be on time and be strategic to ensure your child’s success. 

Supportive   Parents  of  Child    Actors 

S.P.C.A   Journal

Get a Free Journal with
the purchase of 
"Raising A Child Star"


Get a Free Journal with
the purchase of 
"Raising A Child Star"

Get a Free Journal with
the purchase of 
"Raising A Child Star"

Get a Free Journal with
the purchase of 
"Raising A Child Star"

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Are you a parent of an aspiring child actor and need help navigating the 
entertainment industry ?

If you answered 'YES', you are in the right place!

What will you learn from this book?

The 4 key points of Raising A Child Star.

The key elements of an actor’s package to market and submit your child for projects.

Learn the steps to create a thorough actor's package.

How to find your child an agent and/or a manager.

Learning the difference between the two and what to look for when hiring.

The essentials needed for a
great self-tape.

Self-taping is important to get casting directors attention and land roles.

What it means to be a supportive parent of a professional child

Learn some of the best ways to support your child and nurture the desire to act.
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Get advice from not just an industry professional but from someone with experience being a full-time supportive parent of child actors for several years!

Diana Ivelis Cherubin-Wolfe, Author

Read 2 Free Chapters

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Here is a short description about each free sample chapter that you will receive if you enter your email below. Have any questions? Email Us

Ch.1: Introduction

This chapter will introduce what the life of a supportive parent of a professional child actor can look like. Find out what it takes to help your child turn their passion and talent into a successful  professional acting career.

Ch.2: Agents vs. Managers

This chapter breaks down what are talent agents and managers and the differences between their responsibilities. You will learn how to secure legit representation and how to avoid scams during the process. Within this chapter I share our story of how we were able to get an agent for our three children and what I’ve learned about being your child’s manager.

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Get a Free
S.P.C.A Journal 
with the purchase of 
"Raising A Child Star"

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Diana Ivelis knows, first-hand, the challenges of having a child who is a talented actor but not knowing how to get them started professionally. Since 2014, she’s been managing her three children in the entertainment industry, moving from their hometown in Pennsylvania to Southern California. With her experience and knowledge of the industry, she’s helped her son land a series regular role on a popular prime-time network television series. 
Diana’s innate ability to successfully navigate the industry led to her former position, a talent agent in Los Angeles—working in the youth department—submitting talented children for amazing opportunities and helping parents understand what is needed for their children to succeed. She is most active in her “Get You Child Booked w/Raising A Child Star” Facebook group and YouTube channel where she shares tips, tools and resources that can aid any supportive parent in helping their child become a successful actor.

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If you've had these questions
This book is for you.


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